Tribe God

Photo: Tower of Babel by Paul Gooselin Where it all began


Hello tribe god
I know you can hear me
Yea, understand all I say
‘Cause this tongue, you gave me.
How wouldn’t we fight amongst ourselves?
When in your intemperance at Babel
Dispersed us with the confusion of our lusts
So we wouldn’t have to reach you?
Were we so evil? Or damned?
That you protected your heavenly throne
From our bricks of clay?
Yea, these mortal bodies?

Hello tribe god
I know you can still hear me.
How could you connive against us?
Your ultimate creation?
Whom you gave life most freely
This act of supreme generosity of spirit
Has left this bounty of many nations
entrenched in enmity
And the vestiges of this world
devoid of humanity.
In our sanity, we seek you out
In our insanity, we call to you
Every man speaking his own tongue
And is now a tribe god.

Swear now to me in your silence
Through tongues prescribed for man
That earth you will redeem from this pestilence
From the haven of renowned imperfection
Roam our hearths with cleansing fire
Take our freedom and make it whole
Free from savage mean ill-mindedness
That we may one day grace your golden halls
In merry mingle, thru bridled spirits
Arouse you to dwell with us
In our fancy bricks of whitewashed clay
Claim your fair palace as Tribe God.


© 2018 Olutomi Akinsanya

I have often seen this piece as one
I wouldn't publish because
I didn't quite like the flow,
but poetry isn't just about the flow,
as love isn't just about flowers and cuddles.
I wrote it contemplating human conflict
that have arisen from the tribal divide.
And I looked to ask, what would have
happened if all of humanity spoke the same
language? But we could, if we speak the
Language of Love.

Please do well to leave your thoughts
in the comments section.

Written on 220418

7 thoughts on “Tribe God

  1. High level of creativity. This message is straight. I often which God could show himself so we kill doubt and turn blind faith into trust and true believe.


  2. He will still choose to speak in silence to children of men…Thanks Vin


  3. Diversity is wonderful… as long as love is included among all that diversity. Peace.


  4. “Our fancy bricks of whitewashed clay.” I like that line. The whole poem contains such a good analysis and is very insightful?


  5. Thanks…this poem must be over 10 years old now. One of my early writings and I didn’t know if I could call it a poem till I did


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