See Through Me

Photo Credit: Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

I saw you
through the window
of my tattered life
I saw you
through my soul

‘Twasn’t tattered for lack
But for the many holes
Punctured by my many lovers’
Who left without registering intent

They stood up and cleared their prints
Walked out with no goodbyes
And left me with the remnant
Of myself, that revels in brokenness

Within the mirror that stands
Before me, before my dreams
Before my every existence
Within the mirror of this valley

That never sees the sun rise
Over the deep purple horizon
Over the green and flowery fields
They unknowingly left untouched

I have kept that part locked away
Rolled up in a feathery ball and tucked
Not forgotten but deliberately abandoned
For whosoever can transverse those wild fields

Cut up into many tiny mazes
And left alone to be stitched up
By whosoever knows how
To look through my window
And see me staring back.

© 2019 Olutomi Akinsanya

9 thoughts on “See Through Me

    1. I’m glad you do…thanks for taking time to read


  1. Beautiful in a gentle, melancholic way.

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    1. Sadness has its colour and texture and may not totally melancholic altogether. Thanks again🤗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely. This had a much softer feeling than true melancholy. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on anita dawes and jaye marie.

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