Still Smiling

From my archive of over 10 years not much from there is left but this struck me as something worth sharing, as many are in need of being lifted from deplorable emotional states that have haunted them for so long and most times, the onus is on them to jerk themselves to living in the world of the living, even if living means being alone. Being alone doesn’t mean living in isolation, but living unhinged to anyone and anything; living freely like a kite without a line.

It’s been a while
since my world looked ill and still
without the pulsing of the wind
to stir the blind that sealed me in
alone to despair in an old arm chair
Little did you know
I had it in me to find my way
though the dark to happiness

It’s been a while
since pills and phantasms ruled my world
doctors abandoned me, chagrin and gloomy
chickening out on my condition
little did they know
I’ll live again, be strong enough
to take the evening stroll

for this and more,
I’m still smiling, still blissful
conquering life as it comes
I know the way to happiness
with you or through you
I’ll find my way to happiness
where I’ll be all smiles always

Copyright © Olutomi Akinsanya

1 thought on “Still Smiling

  1. Beautiful. Definitely worth sharing. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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