Old Oil Canvases

Photo Credit: JR Korpa on Unsplash

The side of your ancestry

Lingers in the lusting angles

Of your great and many deeds

Freshly painted mangroves

On oil canvases, belittle you.

Who cares for the lost brush strokes

Deeply hidden inside the dead woods

That time cannot erase? Yet

Who knows what you didn’t discount

Time and time again, you still count

All you’ve lost to the dead parts

That hear nothing and know nothing

See nothing and believe nothing

The ancestors live and die

Within giant oil canvases

That time cannot erase –

Their deeds live in the memories

Of stories that are told

In fire lit halls that never grow tired

Of hearing they lived before you;

Believed that you will lend your ear

Err on the road and learn from it

And paint later, those lessons

On canvases that belittle your ambitions;

Paint them anyway – someone will come

Sit by it, till it peels upon the lapels

Of their dreams

And that’s alright

You know it is.

Copyright © 2019, Olutomi Akinsanya

All rights reserved

11 thoughts on “Old Oil Canvases

  1. Your second line wondrously caught my attention, to keep me enjoying the rest of your enthralling poem….
    “Lingers in the lusting angles”

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  2. Thanks Ivor. Really that poem just came to me…15 minutes of fluid ink. I loved it too. A lot

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  3. You, sir, are indeed very good! I’m enjoying the read! So pleased to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I got me a poetic friend. Thanks for going through my work. And for your kind words

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  4. I love this piece, especially your lines. “On canvases that belittle your ambitions;
    Paint them anyway – someone will come”
    Superb writing.

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    1. Thanks Eugenia, for reading and appreciating the message

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  5. I love how you have got everything in there, from inherited characteristics, memory and ambitions. Pile it on, let someone who understand peel back the layers.

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  6. Thanks Jane, it’s just beautiful for art to be able to inspire as well as the real thing. We always peel back layers … consciously or unconsciously.


  7. Reblogged this on Echoes and Sighs | a Collection of My Poems | and commented:

    Each time I read this, I feel our ambitions belittle us, and even when we chase them to the best of our abilities, we are rewarded with laying a foundation for someone else who dares to dream.


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