Contours of Innocence

Photo Credit: Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

On a scale of merry breezes
A speck of dusty pink
Gives wings to my dreams
Inside the dark corridors

Like a yolk egg
Sitting in an unwrinkled shell,
The sunset doesn’t bother me tonight
And far away, I can hear a milk shake.

Fleeting thoughts
Of fluid beauty
Strutting about
in colourful abundance

I cheerfully swoon
At the sight
Of this peacock-clad wonder
Walking her way through

Days and nights clad with
Neatly arranged rows of eyes
That peel off her apparel
One layer at a time.

Eyes which linger longer
In the setting sun
Sail on her every move
Till her face becomes

A tiny speck of dust
In the dim sunlight
Where the eyes can’t pierce
The mask that keeps her safe

From prying eyes
That pay attention to nothing
More than beauty
And my swirling head.

Copyright © 2019, All rights reserved
Olutomi Akinsanya

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