Lifting of the Mourning Spirit

Photo Image Credit: Kenrick Mills on Unsplash
From a far away place 
you can hear
the rumble of her sobs

like the gargle
of a mountain
ready to erupt

She woos the lava flood
to carry her pain with it
as it runs amok
through the village

This singular woman
beautiful and distraught
harbours a resolve in her countenance
to be heard at all cost

She wears an abrasive poise
upon strands of braided hair that are reluctant to stay hidden
on account of her restlessness

Oh, I have felt the pulse
of her heartbeat
vexing with black blood

Her eyes, fiery and wild
as one tormented by smoke
of forest fires

You can hear her wheezy breath
unsettle the silence
between her sobs -

If you feel her pain
ride to her aid
in the sun or rain

Free her heart
and lift her spirit
unto the rising clouds

Let the women sing her song
at the time of harvest
under the threshing neem

As the wind bends
to play under the moonlight
with the rain

While the rigid rainbow
keeps sombre watch
with the sobriquet flute

Let her free of sorrow
of pain and the burden of loss
Let her lavish in ambrosial rest

Featured Image Credit: Camila Quintero Franc on Unsplash

Copyright Ā© 2021 All Rights Reserved

Olutomi Akinsanya

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4 thoughts on “Lifting of the Mourning Spirit

  1. A passionate message of hope and understanding …
    “If you feel her pain
    ride to her aid
    in the sun or rain”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Ivor. You’ve always been so kind and supportive. Cheers.


  3. Really well penned! šŸ–¤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Akansha Kamal. Appreciate your candour.

      Liked by 1 person

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