Finding Me

Photo Image Credit: Peter Herman on Unsplash
On the line
sounding old,
learned, black

whizzing like a boiling kettle
into the still air
is a man

Despondent -
A little tired
Clinging on to life

If you look closely,
You could find the thread
An IV line, maybe

Under his wrinkled skin.
He says "he's hungry"
For more life

It's difficult
to get what he means
But he's dying

Booking a fight, he is
In the previous call,
He booked a room

Six hours away
By air, he did tell me
With an excited ragged breath

Don't stray too far away
I need you here
For a while

And for me,
I am summoned
To watch him die

With all
My cloaked up humanity
I yield, painfully

He's a father
A friend, longing
For yesterday's memories

Shared with me.
I'm also lost, so lost
Time to find myself.

Before the line goes static
He asks to see his son
A dog barks in the background

He knows, I'm coming home
We'd share an old friend
Hopefully, not for the last time.

Featured Image Credit: Pablo Stanic on Unsplash

Copyright © 2021, All Rights Reserved

Olutomi Akinsanya

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