Prompt: Hero

In response to Cubby’s Prompt, Hero

A hero is born not from the laurels
Of glory but from the capsule trapped
At the bright end of courage that dazzles
On even days when the wind of effort
Cannot move a leaf on a lowly branch
Or fan the embers of a dying flame

A hero is born from countless perseverance
On the timelines of an ambitious crawling plant
That climbs the ageless tower against gravity
It spirals round the voluptuous columns
Guiding itself in the dark, till it stands
Just as tall as the fossilized structure.

A hero is born from nature’s womb
When the call of nature is expressed
In offsprings the of noblest deeds
Even at times when needle and pin pricks
Awaken doldrums that refuse to moult.
A hero is born when courage is expressed
In climbing impossible walls and steeples.

Copyright © 2019 Olutomi Akinsanya


4 thoughts on “Prompt: Hero

  1. This is a phenomenal piece. The imagery here is stunning. Fantastic job! 🙂

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    1. Thank you…it was a nice challenge. Thanks for the spur

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      1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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